About the Program

From cruising down the Sun Grand Prix race track to positioning our solar-powered vehicle at creative events, we take pride not only in our solar car, but the people who invest in it. The Adopt-A-Cell Program is one way to join our solar car family. Through this program, you symbolically adopt one of the solar cells on our car. By donating, you partake in furthering our mission of educating students and providing us with opportunities to practice skills outside of the classroom. The funds from the Adopt-A-Cell Program will directly provide materials, tools, and resources to build our solar cars while giving us more opportunities to dream bigger than ever before. Sit back and glide into the future of today with Georgia Tech's solar-powered vehicle. Donate anywhere from $1-$500 dollars in order to contribute through Adopt-A-Cell today! The link is down below: 

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Thank you for your help and commitment to our mission!