SJ-1, Endeavour

Endeavour was the first fully functioning, 100% solar-powered car raced by Georgia Tech. Silicon solar cells (17% efficient) are attached to the top of the aerobody made from carbon fiber. Endeavour weighs in at a little less than 900 pounds with driver and has seen top speeds of 45 mph. All of this runs on about 1.0 kW, or roughly the same power as a hair dryer. The team also used Endeavour as a testing bench to validate all of the new and exciting technology we implemented on subsequent cars.

SR-2, Odyssey

Our second-generation car, SR-2 Odyssey, competed in the American Solar Challenge 2018 after having qualified at the Formula Sun Grand Prix. This vehicle is designed to be compatible with rules and regulations of both the American Solar Challenge and the World Solar Challenge. SR-2 will have an aluminum 6061-T6 frame, carbon fiber aerobody, lithium iron phosphate batteries, two 98.4% efficient motors, carbon fiber wheels, and 20.9% efficient single junction solar cells generating 1.2kW of power.


SR-3, Endurance

Our current car, Endurance, debuted at the July 2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix. Endurance was built in record time, going from the drawing board to the Circuit of the Americas racetrack in barely over a year. Nonetheless, Endurance offers substantial performance and efficiency improvements over Odyssey, and opens up exciting opportunities for future iterations and optimization.


SR-4 | In Development

SR-4 will be our first multi-occupant vehicle and is currently in development. Reach out to learn more!