The GTSR Electrical Team is tasked with the design and implementation of the various electrical subsystems required for a solar-powered vehicle. From the solar cells to the battery pack to the power train, we deal with ultra-high efficiency and solid reliability. We get the opportunity to work on cutting edge designs and with power electronics developed by various international firms and research organizations. Our members range in disciplines from pure CS to analog and digital design. The electrical team is subdivided into five sub-teams: Auxiliary Systems, Batteries and BMS, Drivetrain, Solar and MPPT, and Telemetry.


Ben Terry | Electrical Lead

Ben is the electrical lead for GTSR. As a fourth-year electrical engineering student from Pensacola, Florida, he is still perusing his quest since age 2 of figuring out how exactly this cool electricity stuff works. He’s getting closer, he thinks




Zixuan (Harry) Kang | Auxiliary Systems Lead

Zixuan Kang (Harry) is the Auxiliary System sub-team lead. His responsibilities include improving SR-3’s dashboard layout, harnessing and lead the infotainment system development of the SR-4. He is a third-year computer engineering student from Shanghai, China, flying across the Pacific Ocean, over 16,000 km to pursue his dream of building his own electric vehicle one day. Working in the Solar Racing team is the first step for him.


Matthew Marting | Batteries & BMS Lead

Matthew is a 2nd-semester electrical and computer engineering master’s student from Cary, NC focusing in VLSI, IC fabrication, and computer architecture.  As the batteries and BMS subteam lead, he’s responsible for safely and reliably storing up to 4.74kWh of energy.  When he’s not working on solar, he enjoys running, biking, trains, hard sci-fi (such as The Expanse), and following spaceflight.



Noah Dorfman | Powertrain Lead

Noah Dorfman is a fourth year Computer Engineering student at Georgia Tech with a background in computer science. He loves building things and solving problems, and listens almost exclusively to classic rock. As Powertrain lead for GTSR, he is responsible for turning all that solar power into sweet forward motion.



Gabe Graves | Solar & MPPT Lead

Gabe is a second-year materials science and engineering student from the Lone-Star State of Dallas, Texas. His responsibilities as Solar-Subteam Lead include overseeing subteam member projects, collaborating with aerobody for the development of SR-4’s array, and any project related to the improvement of the solar array and MPPT’s. Any accusations of a skunk-works project in the works related to quantum-dots are to be deemed “false”.


Elizabeth Liu | Telemetry Lead

Elizabeth Liu is a first-year computer science major and the telemetry subteam lead. She’s responsible for maintaining the car’s telemetry board and server that store and visualize SR-3’s data. Outside of GTSR, she’s interested in art and video game design.