The GTSR Electrical Team is tasked with the design and implementation of the various electrical subsystems required for a solar powered vehicle. From the solar cells to the battery pack to the power train, we deal in ultra high efficiency and solid reliability. We get the opportunity to work on cutting edge designs and with power electronics developed by various international firms and research organizations. Our members range in disciplines from pure CS to analog and digital design. The electrical team is subdivided into five sub-teams: Auxiliary Systems, Batteries and BMS, Drivetrain, Solar and MPPT, and Telemetry.


Mitchell Menard | Electrical Lead

Mitchell is the Electrical Lead and a fourth year Computer Engineering student. He is responsible for making sure all of the car's electrical systems are able to turn on and operate safely. He joined the team because he was interested in learning more about power systems and circuit design. He likes New York style bagels and loves New York.


Michael Lin | Telemetry Lead


Sicheng Zhou | Auxiliary Systems Lead


Joshua Hoffman | Drivetrain Lead


Steven Liccardello | Solar & MPPT Lead


Jared Duncan | Batteries & BMS Lead