The GTSR Electrical Team is tasked with the design and implementation of the various electrical subsystems required for a solar powered vehicle. From the solar cells to the battery pack to the power train, we deal in ultra high efficiency and solid reliability. We get the opportunity to work on cutting edge designs and with power electronics developed by various international firms and research organizations. Our members range in disciplines from pure CS to analog and digital design. The electrical team is subdivided into five sub-teams: Auxiliary Systems, Batteries and BMS, Drivetrain, Solar and MPPT, and Telemetry.



Ryan Babaie | Electrical Lead

Ryan is a fourth year Computer Engineering and Physics student. He is responsible for ensuring that electrical teams are progressing in the right direction and according to schedule, so the car is completed as designed and is race/road-worthy on time. He joined the team due to his passion for electric vehicles, renewable energy, and general environmental sustainability, and because solar cars are super sweet. He loves designing circuits and writing code to solve physical problems, and in his spare time he plays the clarinet and enjoys an episode of Scrubs.

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Jared Duncan | Telemetry Lead

Jared is a third year Computer Science major concentrating in AI and embedded systems. He's passionate about renewable energy and loves seeing code take physical form. He is responsible for enabling the monitoring infrastructure and dashboards that allow the team to quickly diagnose and assess the current state of the car. He also developed the display system for the dashboard.


Isaac Weintraub | Auxiliary Systems Lead

Isaac is a first year Computer Science major at Georgia Tech. As auxiliary systems lead, his responsibilities include the car's lights and dashboard as well as wiring everything together. He loves computing and its applications, and solders a lot of circuit boards.



Mitchell Menard | Drivetrain Lead

Mitchell Menard is a third year Computer Engineering student at Georgia Tech with a background in Computer Science. He loves building things and solving problems, and listens almost exclusively to classic rock. As Drive Train lead for GTSR, he is responsible for turning all that solar power into forward motion.



Justin Lee | Solar & MPPT Lead

Justin is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student with strong opinions on wire connectors. He is responsible for integrating the car’s solar array and maximum power point tracking charge controller to the car’s main power system. Legends say that he uses his skills in Tetris, Photoshop, and pen spinning to punish those who shade the solar array during charging sessions.



Lilli Long | Batteries & BMS Lead

Lilli has fixed and re-broken the rear view camera system at least three times. She has been bitten by the wire snakes so frequently that she's immune to their venom. Her biggest fears are putting Anderson crimps in their housings and unexpected horn tests. She used to be a physics major, but physics is hard, so now she plays with wires instead. Her biggest pet peeve is when the solder flux pens are moved out of the fridge. Her favorite pastime is soldering countless 0402 resistors onto PCBs because it "builds character."