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Thanks for your interest in joining! Georgia Tech Solar Racing (GTSR) is a nonprofit, student-run organization that designs and builds solar-powered race cars for track and cross-country competitions around the world. Our mission is to push the cutting edge of hyper-efficient vehicle technology while offering our members real opportunities to improve design, manufacturing, and leadership skills. We are passionate about advancing vehicle technology by building solar-powered race cars.

Joining any hands-on team provides invaluable opportunities. You can branch out and learn skills outside your major; we have members from over 14 majors on campus! You can also develop skills directly related to your field; current and former members have completed internships and co-ops in which they utilized skills learned with the team. Team members are actively learning about developing technologies and learning hands-on skills.

We are looking for students of all majors and all years, and no prior experience or knowledge is required! We will be announcing our virtual info sessions for Spring 2021 soon! Fill out our interest form and we will send you all of the most recent updates!

Feel free to shoot us an email ( if you have any questions!