The Race Operations Team manages any vehicle testing while developing and optimizing race strategy. We build simple and complex simulations factoring in solar insolation, cloud-cover, hills, winds, temperature, and any other factors that may impact the efficiency of the solar vehicle!

We also coordinate “mock-races” at locations around Georgia to place the vehicle under real-world testing, just like the race!, while ensuring that our operations are efficient and safe.

During race planning, we coordinate the team and resources to the race, secure accommodations, and ensure all race requirements are adhered to.

Pranav Datta | Race Operations Lead

Pranav is a first-year Computer Science student from Pleasanton, California. As the Race Operations lead, he is responsible for the team’s race strategy, simulations, and mock races.





Ayush Nene | Strategy Lead

Ayush is a CS major (Intelligence/Theory threads) at GT. He enjoys playing video games and watching anime, as well as spending time with his cat. As Strategy lead, he is responsible for predicting and analyzing the car’s performance.