Georgia Tech Solar Racing is a group of motivated students who are passionate about advancing vehicle technology through building solar-powered race cars. Our team is comprised of roughly 50 students from over 14 disciplines, ranging from engineering and science to management.

Solar Car Mission Statement

Our Purpose:

Our team is a nonprofit student-run organization that designs, builds, and races solar-powered vehicles while also providing students an environment to exercise leadership and gain hands-on design and engineering experience. Students across all disciplines work to develop the cars by participating in sub-teams, including business, mechanical, electrical, race operations, and outreach. Additionally, our team promotes green technology through public events and by generating interest in alternative energy capabilities.

Team Structure

Georgia Tech Solar Racing is structured into five main divisions: Mechanical, ElectricalRace OperationsBusiness, and Outreach. Each division plays a critical role in the team's overall success.

Interested in Joining?

Students of all experience levels are welcomed and have the opportunity to design and manufacture high-level mechanical, electrical, solar, and financial systems.