About Us

GT Solar Racing is a group of motivated students who are passionate about advancing vehicle technology through building solar-powered race cars. Our team is comprised of roughly 50 students from over 14 disciplines, ranging from engineering and science to management.

We are incredibly passionate about developing students who will be leaders in their respective fields, and devote considerable time to training and skills development. Students of all experience levels are welcomed and have the opportunity to design and manufacture high-level mechanical, electrical, solar, and financial systems.

General Team Structure

Georgia Tech Solar Racing is structured into five main divisions: Mechanical, Electrical, Race OperationsBusiness, and Outreach. We have a President and Chief Engineer, the overall leaders of the team, as well as Leads for each of the five divisions, forming the team's Executive Board. Each division is also broken down into smaller sub-teams with their own leaders. Some members are part of multiple teams or sub-teams, depending on where each person's interests lie. Check out the individual team pages for more information!

Race Team

During the latter half of Spring semester, the team's Executive Board selects members of the overall team to participate in our annual race during the Summer, known as "The Race Team". The Race Team typically consists of roughly 13-17 students representing some of the team's most capable and dedicated members. Each member is responsible for a unique and critical aspect of the car in both preparing it for the race and to keep the car driving as fast as possible for as long as possible.  These members may have very diverse backgrounds but are typically "experts" in at least one of the following areas: Telemetry, BPS & Batteries, Motor & MCU, Frame & Suspension, Solar, Logistics & Race Planning, and Strategy.

Interested in Joining?

Check out our recruitment page.