Endeavour is the first race-worthy Challenger-class solar car raced by our team. Silicon solar cells by SBM are attached to the top of our aerobody made from carbon fiber donated by Boeing while a steel chassis protects the driver and acts as the frame that holds it all together. Endeavour weighs in at 400 kg with driver and has seen top speeds of around 45 mph.

With Endeavour, we placed 6th in FSGP 2017 and received the Most Improved Award. 

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Vehicle Specifications
L x W x H: 4.80m x 1.80m x 1.22m
Weight: 317kg (empty), 400kg (w/ driver)
Array: 1000W SBM Solar and Suniva Mono-Si
Batteries: LiFePO4
Motor: 7.5kW NGM SCM150 (90% efficient)
Wheels: Three 14′′ Al Rims
Chassis: 4130 Chromoly Space Frame
Tires: NC NR 77t
Area Drag Coefficient: 0.13 m2
Cruising Speed 30 mph
Top Speed 45 mph
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