Alex Nussey | President

Alex is a fourth year Computer Engineering student at Tech with a minor in Systems Architecture. He is returning to school full time after a couple of years in industry and plays too much classic rock in the shop. As President of GTSR he oversees project management, business operations, and team logistics.



Jackson Merkl | Chief Engineer

Jackson is an Aerospace Engineering masters student with the ASDL. He is responsible for overseeing the Mechanical and Electrical teams, ensuring all systems of the car are designed and built to maximize safety, reliability, and performance. He enjoys bringing together different disciplines in unique ways to achieve the high speeds, robustness, and efficiency required for solar cars. Jackson previously lead the aerodynamic design of SR-2 and solar array designs for both cars. He also leads the team’s race strategy, building and testing race simulations to guide the team to make better decisions.


Ryan Babaie | Electrical Lead

Ryan is a fourth year Computer Engineering and Physics student. He is responsible for ensuring that electrical teams are progressing in the right direction and according to schedule, so the car is completed as designed and is race/road-worthy on time. He joined the team due to his passion for electric vehicles, renewable energy, and general environmental sustainability, and because solar cars are super sweet. He loves designing circuits and writing code to solve physical problems, and in his spare time he plays the clarinet and enjoys an episode of Scrubs.


Max Noto | Mechanical Lead

Max is the Mechanical Lead and a third year Mechanical Engineering student. He is responsible for everything the driver sees and touches while operating the car, making sure they have access to important data and good control over the vehicle. He joined the team to learn more about energy production and material science. He likes long walks on the beach and late nights at shop. He can also reach the highest shelf and once ate 25 hot wings in one sitting.



Kelsey Pepper | Business Lead

Kelsey Pepper is a third year Aerospace Engineering student at Georgia Tech and a a huge Star Wars fan. She is the Business and Sponsorship Lead for GT Solar Racing and deals with all matters concerning sponsors, networking, and purchasing supplies for the team. When not working on school or GTSR, she spends time trying to complete 100% of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or reading.



Tiffany Chau | Outreach Lead

Tiffany Chau is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech. She is the Outreach Lead, and designs visual materials for the team as well as organizes outreach events to promote GT Solar Racing. She is also part of the aerobody/composites team, and supports welding. In her free time she likes to do woodworking and graphic design, as well as play piano and ukulele. She is interested in pursuing design relating to aerospace industry.



Eri Maejima | Race Operations