Noah Dorfman | President

Noah is a third-year Computer Engineering student who hails from South Jersey. As President of GTSR, he oversees project management, business operations, and team logistics. Along with Solar Racing, he enjoys video games, all things space, and quality time with family.


Siddharth Shrivastava | Senior Vehicle Lead

Sid is a mechanical engineering student with former industry and academic experience at SpaceX, NASA JPL and GT’s CRAB Lab. As the senior vehicle lead, he leads the research and development of the team’s multiple occupancy vehicle (SR4). Outside of GTSR, he enjoys climbing, reading, and traveling.


Samantha Lang | Junior Vehicle Lead

Samantha is an electrical engineering and chemistry student with prior work experience at Annapolis Micro Systems and US Cellular. As Junior Vehicle Lead, she oversees integration and testing for the team’s single-occupant vehicle, SR3, to race at FSGP/ASC 2021. Samantha is a QIS enthusiast, so she expects a superposition of a first to last place finish at ASC until it ends.

Anna Carow | Business Lead

Anna Carow is a second-year Computer Engineering student from Lakeville, Minnesota. As business lead, she is responsible for raising funds through student government or outside sources, managing the team budgets, and processing purchase requests.



Ben Terry | Electrical Lead

Ben is the electrical lead for GTSR. As a fourth-year electrical engineering student from Pensacola, Florida, he is still perusing his quest since age 2 of figuring out how exactly this cool electricity stuff works. He’s getting closer, he thinks




Brian Liang | Mechanical Lead

Brian is a second-year mechanical engineering student from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He’s in charge of the car’s mechanical wellbeing and performs percussive maintenance as necessary. In addition to GTSR, he also plays badminton and board games.



Aaron Wasserman | Outreach Lead

AJ (Aaron) is the Outreach Lead and a third-year Computer Engineering student. He is responsible for team recruitment, organizing public events, and representing GTSR in outreach events.


Pranav Datta | Race Operations Lead

Pranav is a first-year Computer Science student from Pleasanton, California. As the Race Operations lead, he is responsible for the team’s race strategy, simulations, and mock races.