The Mechanical Team is responsible for the design, fabrication, and testing of all mechanical subsystems. We create the aerobody, frame, suspension, and several other components from scratch, integrating with experts from the academic, entrepreneurial, and corporate communities to make an excellent car. We pride ourselves on training all our members to accomplish great engineering feats using advanced analysis techniques to push forward the exciting field of alternative energy automobiles.


Brian Liang | Mechanical Lead

Brian is a second-year mechanical engineering student from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He’s in charge of the car’s mechanical wellbeing and performs percussive maintenance as necessary. In addition to GTSR, he also plays badminton and board games.




Joseph Stein | Aerobody Lead

Joseph is the Aerobody subteam lead and a third-year Mechanical Engineering student from Fair Haven, New Jersey. He is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the vehicle’s exterior body, its aerodynamic performance, and all things composites. Outside of GTSR, he enjoys playing saxophone in the Georgia Tech Marching Band.



Kat Schuetz | Design Lead

Kat Schuetz is a third-year Computer Engineering student with a minor in Industrial Design from Kennett Square, PA. She is in charge of making sure engineering designs are ergonomic and practical for the Multi-Occupant Vehicle. Outside of GTSR, Kat enjoys artistic activities and playing with her dog.




Aidan Labrozzi | Frame Lead

Aidan is a second-year Environmental Engineering Major from North Carolina. His duties as Frame Lead include managing FEA for SR3’s frame to ensure it’s up to regulation as well as helping out with the development of the future frame for the MOV. His other interests are mathematics, fencing, and LEGOs.




Jack Travnik | Steering and Brakes Lead

Jack is a second-year Mechanical Engineering major from Oak Lawn, IL. He is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the steering and braking systems. Besides GTSR, he is also a part of the GT Rowing Club.





Jonathan Kagoo | Suspension Lead

Jonathan is a third-year Aerospace Engineering student. As Suspension Team Lead, he is responsible for design and fabrication of all suspension components as well as most machining operations. He spends his free time on the Yellow Jacket Archery Team, making delicious food, and crying over FEA results.