The Mechanical Team is responsible for the design, fabrication, and testing of all mechanical subsystems. We create the aerobody, frame, suspension, and several other components from scratch, integrating with experts from the academic, entrepreneurial, and corporate communities to make an excellent car. We pride ourselves on training all our members to accomplish great engineering feats using advanced analysis techniques to push forward the exciting field of alternative energy automobiles.


Brian Reidy | Mechanical Lead

Brian is the Mechanical Lead and a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student. He is responsible for everything the driver sees and touches while operating the car, making sure they have access to important data and good control over the vehicle. He joined the team to become a leading expert in machining and design for manufacturing. He likes long walks on the beach and loves New York.


Tiffany Chau | Aerobody Lead

Tiffany Chau is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering Student. She is responsible for optimizing and manufacturing the driving factor of the car and the system that everyone sees, the aeroshell. She is also an Industrial Design minor who loves graphics and hot pot.


Ruchi Aggarwal | Frame Lead

Ruchi is in charge of the Frame team, developing both a 4130 chromoly tubular chassis and a mule chassis made out of 2x2 carbon steel. She is also the welder for the team and enjoys teaching members TIG. In the past, she has served as Aerobody lead and Outreach lead. When not at shop or sleeping, she is usually planting trees.


Max Noto | Suspension Lead

Max is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student. e oversees everything related to the car's brakes and pedals, from concept to creation. He joined the team to learn more about energy production and material science. He likes long walks on the beach and late nights at shop. He can also reach the highest shelf and once ate 25 hot wings in one sitting.


Arvin Ajmani | Steering Lead

Arvin is the Steering Lead and a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student. As Steering Lead, he is responsible for the steering wheel and the brake and pedal systems. He joined the team in order to gain practical engineering experience. He also devotes his efforts to engineering baked goods. He loves playing with dogs and walks in the city (and the beach)... with dogs.